ARMOR 3 - Standard Installation Guide

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To install your new ARMOR 3 device, follow the steps below or in the attached installation document.

1) Introduction:

   a. ARMOR 3 harness installation process

   b. Keith Bunch welcomes our viewers

2) Installation Steps:

   a. Unplug the batteries

   b. Locate the 8 to 32 volts

   c. Install the ARMOR harness

   d. Connect ARMOR 3 to the harness

   e. Ensure the ARMOR device lights are red and green

3) Testing:

   a. Operate your machine for 2 minutes

   b. Enter your 15-digit IMEI and select 'check device'

   c. Observe three checks: Connectivity, Reported Data, and Utilization

4) Device Registration:

   a. Photograph the IMEI on the bag alongside the machine's Serial Number tag

   b. Email the picture to

   c. Attach the picture to your work ticket

ARMOR 3 Installation Guide


The install is very simple. You start with a wiring harness and the ARMOR 3 device. The machine must run between 8-32 Volts for the ARMOR to work.

1: Write down IMEI number from the ARMOR on piece of paper.



2: Tie Red wire of the wiring harness to the positive post of the battery.



3: Tie Black wire of the wiring harness to the negative post of the battery.



It will look like this once both wires are secure.



4: Connect the ARMOR to the wiring harness. 




5: Secure the ARMOR to the battery pack or other surface so it doesn't bounce around messing up the accelerometer. You can use double sided tape or Velcro.




6: Run Machine for a couple minutes to test connectivity.

7: Use Initialization test on to ensure device calls in correctly.

8: Once all check marks are Green, send image of IMEI and the serial number of the floor machine ARMOR is being installed on to your coordinator.


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