ARMOR 4 - Kaivac 17501 (Blue Machine) Upgrade

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Article ID: KB20240606-ARM4

Date: June 6, 2024

Author: Keith Bunch


Welcome to the ARMOR 4 upgrade installation guide. This document is designed to assist technicians in upgrading Kaivac cleaning machines from ARMOR 2 or ARMOR 2+ systems to the new ARMOR 4 system. This upgrade simplifies the electrical system by eliminating the voltage step-down and "Y-Cable-Box."


  • Applicable Models: Most Kaivac machines (Blue) originally equipped with ARMOR 2.
  • Exception: Green Kaivac machines (17cc) that come with ARMOR 2+ installed.

Kit Contents

  • ARMOR 4 module with an IP67 5-wire harness
    • Works on 9V to 90V
  • New IMEI sticker
  • ARMOR 5-wire OEM cable
  • WAGO connectors (Four 3-way)
  • Installation instructions (sheet or QR code)

Installation Instructions

  1. Preparation

    • Check in with management before starting the upgrade.
    • Locate the Blue Kaivac 17501 machine, typically stored in the janitor's closet.
    • Ensure the machine's 36V lithium battery is charged and connected.
    • Empty the waste and clear water tanks using the vacuum hose for efficiency.
  2. Disassembly

    • Open the black box where the ARMOR 2 is located.
    • Remove the inner shield to access the components.
  3. Removing Old Components

    • Disconnect and remove the voltage step-down module and the "Y-Cable-Box".
      • Step-Down Module - Two (36V) wires in, Two (12V) wires out
      • Y Cable Box - Two red motor wires in, one red digital wire out
  4. Installing ARMOR 4

    • Connect the new 5-wire ARMOR 4 harness as follows:
      • Ground Connection: Connect the main battery negative to the ARMOR's green ground wire using a 3-way WAGO connector.
      • Power Connection: Connect the main battery positive to the ARMOR's orange positive wire using a 3-way WAGO connector.
      • Motor Connections: Replace the old Y-cables with direct connections from the ARMOR 4 harness to the motors. Use the yellow wire for one motor and the red wire for another.
  5. Finalizing Installation

    • Secure the ARMOR 4 module inside the black box.
    • Connect and ensure the ARMOR 4 is powered on, indicated by flashing green and red LED lights on the module.
  6. Testing and Verification

    • Test the installation by visiting to verify connectivity and functionality.
    • Run the vacuum motor for 2 minutes and check for proper operation.
  7. Reassembly and Documentation

    • Reassemble the Blue Kaivac machine.
    • Apply the new IMEI sticker over the old IMEI sticker on the side of the black box.
    • Document the upgrade by taking a photo of the new IMEI sticker alongside the machine's serial number.
    • Send the photo to and attach it to your work ticket.

Additional Resources

  • For visual assistance, watch the included video demonstration for “ARMOR 4 upgrade installation.”

This guide ensures a seamless transition to the ARMOR 4 system, enhancing machine performance and simplifying maintenance.

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