ARMOR 4 - Kaivac 17CC-DC (Green Machine) Upgrade

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Upgrading your Kaivac machine to the ARMOR 4 device ensures that you're utilizing the latest in asset management technology. In this knowledge base article, accompanied by a helpful video tutorial, Keith from our ARMOR Tech and Sales Support team demonstrates how to upgrade from the ARMOR 2 Plus to the ARMOR 4 device.

What You Need

- The ARMOR 4 device

- A standard 5-wire OEM harness (included in your kit)

- Optional: ARMOR clip holder for additional support, available at

Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

Preparing the Kaivac Machine

  1. Remove the Hoses: Detach the pressurized hose and the top fat hose to begin.
  2. Unscrew the Thumbnails: There are four yellow thumb screws - two on top and two on the bottom. Remove the top two screws on both sides.
  3. Remove Philips Head Screws: Unscrew the two Philips head screws in the center to lower the black box.

Accessing the ARMOR Device

  1. Take Off the Barrier: Gently pull away the barrier and set it aside to access the interior.
  2. Detach the ARMOR 2 Plus: On the opposite side of the back motor, locate the ARMOR 2 Plus device. Remove the two screws securing it and unplug the device.

Installing the ARMOR 4 Harness

  1. Replace the Old Harness: Remove the old harness and install the new one, matching wire colors except for the unused brown and absent black.

Setting Up the ARMOR 4 Device

  1. Connect the Battery: Reconnect the battery before attaching the ARMOR 4 device.
  2. Plug in the ARMOR 4 Device: Connect it to the new harness.
  3. Check the LED Lights: Look for blinking green and red LED lights, indicating the device's search for cellular network and GPS signals.

Finalizing the Installation

  1. Capture the IMEI Number: Take a photo of the IMEI sticker and the machine's serial number plate.
  2. Email Support: Send the photo to for system registration.
  3. Attach to Work Ticket: Include the photo in your work ticket for reference.

Testing the Device

  1. Run the Kaivac Machine: Operate the machine for approximately two minutes.
  2. Verify Connectivity: Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, visit and enter the IMEI number to check the device.
  3. Look for Green Check Marks: Confirm cellular connectivity, data reporting, and utilization are all functioning with green check marks.


By following these straightforward steps and watching Keith's video tutorial, you can smoothly upgrade to the ARMOR 4 device. Ensure you have buttoned everything back up correctly and that the machine is reassembled properly. For additional resources and support, visit

-- ARMOR Support

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