KAIVAC - Retro Guide for Replacing ARMOR 2/2+

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This video and guide will instruct field installers on how to uninstall your existing ARMOR 2+ device and install your new ARMOR 4 device on Kiavac 17501 and 17CC assets. 

Items in your ARMOR 4 kit

  1. ARMOR 4 device 

  1. 3 M tape Mounting tape

  1. ARMOR 4 harness 

  1. Mounting Bracket (**SOLD SEPERATELY**)

Gaining Access to ARMOR

  • Drop the black box containing the motors and ARMOR device by removing the battery and the PSI hose and the recovery tank suction hose. 
  • Now, remove the two upper yellow thumb screws on the left and right side of the solution tank (just the top two).  
    • (NOTE) Make sure the solution and recovery tank are drained before removing the thumb screws. 
  • Drop the black box gently. 

Locating and Removing ARMOR

  • Locate the ARMOR device on the same side as the battery and the machine serial number plate yet it is on the inside of the black box. 
  • To remove the old ARMOR device, use a small Phillips head drill bit and either a small flat head screwdriver or needle nose pliers to remove the nuts and screws holding ARMOR to the machine. 
  • Now unplug the ARMOR device at the black Molex 

Install the New Harness and ARMOR

  • Install the new harness color for color.  
    • (Note) We have eliminated the black wire and do not use the brown wire.  
  • Lift up the orange tabs on the "wago" clips one at a time and install new wire harness wires, color by color.  
  • Install the Mounting Bracket using the 3m tape, in the same place where we removed the old ARMOR device.   
  • Plug in your new ARMOR 4 device and watch for the "green/red" LED flashing lights. 
    • Green fast means looking for a cell signal. 
    • Green slow means connected to a cell signal 
    • Red fast means searching for GPS
    • Red slow means found GPS 
  • Snap your new ARMOR 4 into the mounting bracket with the LED facing out so you can see the lights and the wire harness down. 
  • Run the vac motor for about 2 minutes to test. 
    • (NOTE) RunTime records may take up to 4 minutes to appear after motor turns off


Verifying your ARMOR Test

  • Visit https://check.armordata.io 
  • Type in the 15-digit IMEI and click "Check Device".  
    • If the installation is complete, you will have 3 green checks. 

Reassembling the Asset

  • Put the IMEI stickers on bottom of the black box, beside by the serial number plate and somewhere outside the black box.  
  • Always, take a picture of the serial number tag sticker, along with the IMEI sticker and add them to your Work Order notes, or send those pictures to support@armordata.com so that any necessary post installation tasks can be completed. 


-- ARMOR Support

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